The project activities are carried out in the following areas:

1. Improve competitiveness of touristic and hospitality SMEs:

  • monitoring of the current status of SMEs,
  • seminars for SMEs on organizing cross-border cooperation,
  • develop and publish methodological recommendations,
  • visits to exchange of positive experience.

2. Create IT-enabled association of touristic and hospitality SMEs.

  • establishment of an interregional, self-regulatory and independent Association of touristic and hospitality SMEs of the project region.

3. Make a set of new ICT tools that provide new opportunities in business of touristic and hospitality SMEs:

  • modern ICT-tools with a search system, trip planning and geo-location.

4. Fostering development of ecosystem for cross-border bicycling and eco-tourism:

  • development and mapping of the bicycle routes,
  • gamification quests,
  • guide for trip planning,
  • student conference,
  • study courses for guides-instructors,
  • press-tours and info tours,
  • cycling race,
  • volunteer events for cleaning of the sites along bicycling routes.

5. Facilitate cross-border cooperation of SMEs.

  • partnership for SMEs of project region,
  • create five unique pilot packages of cross-border touristic services “on a turn-key basis”.