ITMO University

One of the leading universities in the field of ICT, optics and Photonics in the Russian Federation, is one of the three leading universities in Russia. The uniqueness of ITMO University lies in the breadth and diversity of its research, educational and innovation activities, in the use of high-quality expertise, capabilities and resources to promote science and technology for the benefit of St. Petersburg and its residents.

ITMO University participates in the national program to improve and strengthen its position in the world ranking and is recognized as one of the best and outstanding participants in the results of the ITMO University in 2015. ITMO University implements a roadmap-a set of steps and measures to improve the competitiveness of ITMO University, aimed at strategic development and improvement of its position in the world. ITMO University has risen to 56th position in Computer technology in the world subject ranking The (Times Higher Education) (2016). The most famous scientific achievements of ITMO University are in Photonics and Natural Sciences, IT and Robotics, Information Security, Biological Sciences and Health Care.

The ITMO University team is the only seven-time winner of the ACM world programming contest. ITMO University includes 5 schools:

  • Internet technology and programming;
  • Computer technology and management;
  • Photonics;
  • Refrigeration and food biotechnology;
  • Economics, management;

and innovation and 43 international research laboratories, which employ 1,600 students from different countries, 1,400 international students from 70 countries and 1,290 graduate students. ITMO University offers 104 undergraduate, 146 master’s and 45 doctoral programs in fundamental and applied disciplines. The number of international partners of ITMO University is about 180 universities around the world. ITMO University implements international academic mobility and exchange programs.

ITMO University participates in several well-established programs and offers an international doctoral program that allows students to obtain dual PhD degrees with partner institutions. More than 20 master’s programs are taught in English. ITMO University implements the principles of e-learning and uses the capabilities and resources of some educational electronic platforms. Today, one of the important strategic goals of ITMO University is the integration not only into the world and European educational and research, but also the innovation ecosystem. ITMO University creates a favorable climate for promoting and bringing R & D results to the market. By creating a complete communication environment, ITMO University facilitates the interaction of researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs, innovators and politicians.

In BizCycle project ITMO University acts as a lead partner of the project and coordinates project actions, as well as supervises and supports partners in implementation of planned project activities. ITMO University is responsible for connecting participants, SMEs, municipal authorities, non-profit organizations, startups and growing companies with each other achieving maximum synergy effect from the project. It will also carry out the research tasks related to creation of modern IT-tools for touristic SMEs.

ITMO University participates in organization of project campaigns, trainings and events, reports to the programme managing authorities about project progress and results.


Cursor Oy

Kotka-Hamina regional development company has more than 25 years of successful history in the field of services for business and economic development of the territories. The owners of Cursor Oy are toe of the municipalities in the region of Kotka, Hamina, Puchta, Virolahti and Miehikkälä – as well as industrial enterprises and financial institutions in the region. The company plays an active role in the development of the region, providing services to both beginners and existing enterprises. Cursor Oy annually serves more than 1500 clients on issues related to business activities.

The company promotes existing competencies in the region and develops new business opportunities through regional and international projects.

In BizCycle project Cursor Oy acts as a partner of the project and coordinates project actions, and supports partners in implementation of planned project activities. Cursor is responsible for giving its expertise in tourism development and SME contacts of local companies in Kotka-Hamina region. Cursor has a long experience in developing tourism companies in the Kotka-Hamina region and has a strong knowledge of local services, routes and companies ready to serve especially bicycling tourists.



Small enterprise founded in 2010. FRUCT Oy has expertise in developing intelligent services and managing huge databases with geographical and time stamps. More than 100 mobile applications for various operating systems and web services have been released. The company has carried out research and consulting projects for MariaDB, Nokia, Intel, Microsoft, Dell EMC, Aalto University and other commercial, scientific and educational organizations.

The second activity of FRUCT Oy is the organization of events to promote the Association of open innovations FRUCT (established in 2007 as a basis for cross-border cooperation, uniting universities, research institutions and business in Finland and Russia; FRUCT is an abbreviation for “Finnish-Russian cooperation in Telecommunications”). FRUCT Oy organizes various events, such as conferences, trainings, online courses etc. In General, FRUCT Oy has organized more than 20 large conferences (100 + participants) and more than 50 educational events.

FRUCT Oy is the main developer of Geo2Tag Location Based Services Platform - the world’s most popular open source LBS platform and the second most mentioned LBS platform (after TomTom LBS platform). Geo2Tag is used by companies and infrastructure projects in the region and the world. The working group recommends to the IEEE IoT Geo2Tag for the study of smart cities. The activity of FRUCT Oy is to advise companies that use Geo2Tag in the development of additional applications and services for Geo2Tag at the request of customers, as well as in the development of extensions for Geo2Tag.

In BizCycle project FRUCT Oy acts as a partner of the project and will lead work on design of the system architecture, be responsible for design and development of the database, and be involved in development of services and applications. FRUCT Oy will be responsible for organization of the scientific dissemination activities of the project, i.e., project conferences/seminars.


Committee of Leningrad region for tourism

It was founded in 2016 as part of the administration of the Leningrad region. Until 2016, it functioned as the Department of tourism Of the Committee for culture of the Leningrad region.

In BizCycle project the Leningrad Region’s Committee for Tourism acts as a partner of the project and as an executive body in the sphere of tourism of the constituent entity the Russian Federation is a guarantor of the project’s sustained and coherent development and productiveness. The committee will be involved in coordination the project on the Russian side. The committee will serve as a co-organizer of activities carried out on the territory of the Leningrad region and Saint-Petersburg, including partneriat for SMEs, seminars for touristic companies, planning of cycling routs, etc.

The committee’s huge experience in participating in international cooperation programs will secure the most effective implementation of the project. After the project’s completion, the committee will ensure its further sustained development and the promotion of developed tourist routes and service packages. The created SMEs association will be further supervised also.


State budgetary institution of the Leningrad region «Information tourist center»

Information tourist center of the Leningrad region was founded in 2002 by the government of the Leningrad region.

In BizCycle project State budgetary institution of the Leningrad region «Information tourist centre» acts as a partner of the project. They will serve as a co-organizer of activities carried out on the territory of the Leningrad region and Saint-Petersburg on development and popularization of bicycle tourismin in region, realizing trips and meetings, making information boards with QR-codes for development of the Leningrad region touristic infrastructure.